Our FAQs

We represent only the finest in-home childcare workers available. Similarly, we are proud to say that we have been of service to many of the Nation’s most prestigious families. Bella Bambino Nannies caters to the most discerning parents seeking only the best in nanny care for their children.

Families have come to know us as the most professional and efficient nanny service in the United States. From Las Angeles to New York, our sterling reputation for excellent customer service, coupled with our years in the nanny industry have made us leaders in our field. We are a nanny and family advocate and as such, we will always ensure that our nannies and families are comfortable with their respective decisions.

Nannies seeking representation trust us to place them in only the best possible working situations. We are heralded as “the nanny service that listens” to the needs and concerns of professional nannies. The nannies we choose to represent are fully screened and will undergo a stringent nanny background check which includes a Criminal Investigation, Social Security Verification, Address History, Sex Offender Check and Driving Records Check. We are also able to provide Drug Screening for nanny candidates upon request.

We appreciate that you have taken time out of your schedule to visit us and we look forward to speaking with you in regards to your specific needs. Please contact us with any questions that you may have with regards to your nanny search.

We offer replacement guarantees between 90 and 365 days depending on the type of placement you choose.

Most of our nannies come to us through referrals from other nannies who have successfully used our service, some contact us after hearing about us from a friend or relative who is familiar with our company, and occasionally we advertise and recruit nannies directly. Regardless of how a nanny comes to us our screening process is the same. First the nanny must complete an application with us.

The application provides us with information regarding the nanny’s work history, availability, and willingness to perform certain job duties. We review the application and if it is acceptable we contact the nanny to discuss moving ahead. At this time the nanny is interviewed either via telephone or in person.

During the interview we ask the nanny a series of questions regarding his/her feelings toward discipline, safety issues, different working situations, and we also ask the nanny to describe his or her own childhood and current relationship with his or her family. If we feel we that the candidate has potential we proceed by contacting all references.

When speaking to references we ask questions like “was this nanny punctual and reliable?” “were there any issues that needed to be resolved during the nanny’s employment with you? what? How was it resolved?” we also ask the parents if the child(ren) looked forward to seeing this nanny. Answers to all questions are transcribed and kept on file.

We also take 2 copies of ID and a copy of the nanny’s social security card. Additionally, the nanny must submit to a background investigation. If we are comfortable with the results of this screening, we will accept the nanny for referral.

Part Time Nannies: Expected to work 15 to 29 hours per week.

Full Time Nannies: Expected to work 30 hours per week or more.

Live In Nannies: Will live with your family and work a set schedule with one to two days off per week, this type of nanny will require a separate bedroom or living quarters and a salary. Live in salaries start at $1600 per month and will vary upwards of that depending upon the nanny’s experience level, number of children, additional duties and hours expected to work over 50 hours per week.

Babysitter: Works short term “on call” caring for children as needed less than 15 hour per week.

Temporary Nanny: Works for 3 months or less a set schedule of 20-45 hours per week.

As a household employee, your nanny is entitled to the benefits of being paid on “The Books”. You as an employer will also reap tax benefits by paying your nanny above board.

The company we recommend is Breedlove and Associates www.breedlove-online.com they are wonderful about answering questions regarding household employer taxes!

Please feel free to contact our offices if you would like to receive additional information regarding nanny taxes.

The number one priority of a nanny is to take care of your children!

You want your nanny to be a stand-in for you when you cannot be there and it is important that your nanny not be distracted with household chores.

Most nannies will be happy to assist you with light or child related cleaning.

We recommend that you have the nanny perform any housework during the children’s nap times so that when they are awake, your children will have their nanny’s full attention.

Bella Bambino Nannies does not place nanny/housekeepers.

Bella Bambino Nannies charges a non-refundable retainer fee in order to cover costs incurred before and during your nanny search.

The retainer guarantees that you have full access to our services until you have hired a nanny that you are 100% satisfied with!

Our nannies and mother’s helpers will make a minimum of $18 per hour. Rates can be higher based upon the nanny’s experience level, job description, and willingness to perform additional duties.

While we cannot speak for another services standards regarding candidate selection, we can guarantee that nannies accepted for referral by Bella Bambino Nannies have been fully screened and have a minimum of 2-3 years of experience. The nannies as professionals expect to be paid fair market wages for their work. Being a nanny is a serious profession, one which requires a certain level of patience, love, understanding, knowledge and above all experience. In order to find a nanny who posseses these traits as well as an excellent experience level, prospective employers must be willing to provide compensation that is fair. We have seen many instances in which a family hires a nanny based on willingness to accept a below market wage, only to find that the nanny leaves as soon as she finds a position that is more lucrative. This is unfortunate and is very difficult on the family and children.

Simply complete the online family application, or contact us and we will provide you with the forms that are required in order to begin.

  • A representative will contact you in order to discuss the needs of your family and to create a search program tailored to your requests.
  • Your representative will email or fax you information regarding nannies that are interested in your position.
  • You may call the nannies directly to interview them for your position.
  • When you and your family have decided on a candidate, contact our office and we will submit your offer to the nanny on your behalf.When the nanny accepts your offer, the full placement fee will be charged and a
  • Standard Background Investigation initiated.
  • Should you wish to order additional Background Services you may do so at this time. Upon successful completion of a background investigation your nanny may begin working.

Bella Bambino Nannies charges a one time finder’s fee when you decide to hire a nanny that was referred to you through us. This finder’s fee will equal 12-15% of the nanny or domestic employee’s negotiated pay and includes a background check and a replacement guarantee on the candidate you choose to employ. You will pay your employee directly an hourly rate or salary that is agreed on by both parties at the time of hire.

There is an application fee of $250 which is due in order to begin your search for a part time, full time or live in nanny. This fee is deducted from the total nanny placement fee and covers the cost of your nanny search until you hire a nanny and is deducted from the total cost when you hire your nanny. Each Part Time, Full Time and Live in placement comes with a free babysitting membership and a 6-month replacement guarantee! Our total placement fee ranges from 12-15% of the employees annual salary, depending on the type of placement. We require a minimum of 20 hours weekly. Contact us for additional information regarding rates for placements less than 20 hours per week.

On-Call Babysitting Services and Temporary fees are due up front and guarantee one full year of babysitting service or 3 months of temporary service! (call for temporary service rates)

In order to find a nanny job that suits your individual needs, we require the following information:

  1. Contact us to speak with a placement consultant or fill out our online application and a consultant will contact you to discuss an interview.
  2. Provide 2 proofs of identification and Social Security card/ US Work Authorization
  3. Interview with consultant and complete Written Interview and Dear Family Letter
  4. Submit proof of CPR and First Aid certification or show proof of enrollment in CPR/First Aid.
  5. Provide references for 3 years of childcare, and 2 character references. All references will be contacted. Upon acceptance, we will provide you with detailed job descriptions. You may let us know what nanny job you are interested and begin interviewing with the families htat you are interested in.
  6. When a family decides to offer you employment we will initiate a background check and submit the family’s employment offer to you. Upon successful completion of a background investigation, you may begin working.

Drug testing and TB testing may be required as well as Trustline. If you are registered with Trustline please provide proof with your application.