About Our Rates

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Bella Bambino Nannies charges a one time finder’s fee when you decide to hire a nanny that was referred to you through us. This finder’s fee is equal to 12-20% of the nanny or other domestic employee’s negotiated annual pay and includes a nanny background check and a replacement guarantee on the nanny you choose to employ. You will pay your nanny directly an hourly rate or salary that is agreed on by both parties at the time of hire.  See below for a detailed explanation of rates and programs available.

– Fees are based on candidates annual salary, with a minimum placement fee  of $2500.


– Annual candidate salaries are determined by how many hours the nanny works and how much the nanny makes hourly. This is based on a fifty-two week contract, as we ask for a one-year commitment. Nannies through Bella Bambino Nannies will make anywhere from $20. – $35. per hour (live in or live out). We require a minimum of 20 hours a week.

There is an application fee of $250 which is due in order to begin your search for a part time, full time or live in nanny.  Each Part Time, Full Time and Live in placement comes with a replacement guarantee of 90 days.

Our Services

Nanny Recruitment

Our nanny recruitment process is unparalleled in the industry. What sets us apart is the fact that all of us are mothers and we recruit for you as we would recruit for ourselves. Each nanny is personally interviewed for 2 hours, all references are scrutinized and a complete background check is run. Using Bella Bambino Nannies as your nanny recruitment service will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made for your family!

Nanny Placement

Bella Bambino Nannies makes nanny placement hassle free and fun! We love working with our clients and we totally understand your needs as we are parents too! You’ll never feel pressured to hire a nanny who is not the perfect fit and we will walk you through every single step offering our support and years of experience to guide you!

Group Play Dates

Bella Bambino Nannies founder Rebecca Barlow is a mother of 4 who is a strong believer in community. We are happy to facilitate group play dates with interested clients. We have a large network of parents we have helped throughout the years and it is our pleasure to introduce our clients to one another if a group play date or support group is desired.

Background Checks

Bella Bambino Nannies will carefully and thoroughly background check your nanny in addition to enrolling them with Trustline (California placements) Some of the Background checks we run are:

• Criminal investigation
• Social security verification
• Address history
• Sex offender check
• Driving records check
• CPR certified
• Drug test upon request